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Company BSC International Limited was established in Thailand on September 13, 2545 by the same name and on behalf of DC - Two International Ltd., which was born out of the commitment. And willingness to carry out the business of providing pest control services to the poor. Comparable quality and international standards. The attentive management control. Planning and Systems Audit service academic quality control closely all the time. So that customers receive the service the most. And secure service to consumers and the environment within a service area with .

On January 30, 2550, the Company merged the service pipe tonnes (Pipe Treatment) services, wastewater treatment (Waste Water Treatment) service tools - Equipment Hydraulic Jeans (Hygiene Product & Service). Services infection in the laboratory (lab treatment) Cleaning - Cleaning high (Janitorial & Big Cleaning Service), with the second company affiliated with specific expertise. To achieve the business of providing integrated services. Noonan and can support service to our customers. Especially in the industrial sector. Business, building and food and beverage. As for the customers and prospects of the Company. It has been renamed the company BSC Intertech .

In addition, the company will have an executive with experience and knowledge in management and administration, both regionally and internationally. There is also a professor at the Department of the Environment. Mahidol University Lecturer Vicky a From University A management professor at the Department of Medical Sciences. Professors from the Department of Agriculture University of Agricultural Sciences and professor at the administrative level in the Department of Forestry. As a consultant for academic and technical. Various high .

BSC Intertech Co.,Ltd.



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