IPM ( Integrated pest management )

IPM is control planning. Prevent and eliminate integrated vectors and insects. By incorporating several management techniques in a consistent manner. And based on knowledge. Understanding the ecology of animals, vectors and insects. To reduce the insect population. Taking into account the environment And use the chemicals to a minimum.

Integrated Pest Management System

Basic principles to prevent the spread of insects.

  • 1. Preventing Access Repairs must be made to prevent access to and exit of potentially risky entrances such as cracks, ceilings, walls, drains, or animal locations. Give In addition to proper renovation of the building to prevent the entry of animals, vectors and insects, the product must be inspected. Material and material to be brought into the establishment whether there is a carrier or insect attached or whether there is any contamination of the faeces or traces of the destruction of these animals, if so separately. Check carefully or let the leader know. And return the goods In addition, all animals must be banned from the factory premises and production facilities. Restaurant establishments restaurants
  • 2. Proofing / Exclusion This method involves hygiene. To keep clean, to reduce food sources, to cut grass, to keep the grass from falling. To reduce the hiding place for animals, vectors and insects. Explore always the hidden source of food, shelter and breeding grounds by routines.
  • 3. Eradication, the elimination of the causes of insect problems using physical methods and other means. Chemical insect destruction is the last method to be used. It may be used in the case of outbreaks and to reduce the amount immediately.

IPM Implementation

IPM arrangement is a combination of sanitation, nature, temperature, tools and chemicals to control, prevent and eliminate animal carriers. And pest Will use chemicals when needed.


  • - Explore and map Establishment Environmental conditions outside the territory Outside the building What is the type of activity, product, or product? Include the prevalence of the vectors of the food source and the entrance to the building. To plan, control and protect Insect identification(Identification)
  • - Classification of animal carriers And the abundance of cockroaches, flies, flies, animals of any kind, because of mice. Or different types of insects have food sources. And the life cycle is different. For the sake of proper control, prevention and disposal.


  • - Habitat Modification
  • - Proofing / Exclusion
  • - House Keeping

Application of two or more procedures

  • - Cultural Methods
  • - Physical / Mechanical Method
  • - Biological Method
  • - Chemical Methods


  • - Evaluate performance By monitoring And detailed reports. In summary, the current situation and future trends to find a solution. Protection and correction
  • - Suggestion for improvement
  • - Provide information and provide IPM knowledge to relevant parties. And caretakers


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